Luxury Yacht Charter

If you want to get much more than the classic service, we can provide you with the ultimate luxury yachts in our portfolio. Included in your rental service, our concierge service, where we can make your travel itinerary throughout the whole process and support all your requests, is also offered exclusively for our VIP customers.

Luxury Yacht Charter Portfolio

The charters of the Luxury Yachts in our portfolio can be arranged according to your requests, according to the requested location and in the most appropriate way for your schedule. The size, shape, number of cabins and additional services to be chosen are important for your yacht selection. If this information is transferred correctly, there is no doubt that we will find the most suitable mega yacht for you!

Rental Periods in Luxury Yacht Charter

Although most superyachts try to stick to weekly charters, weekly schedules can be disrupted by various customer demands or even yacht owners. In this case, these floating luxury hotels are suitable rentals for less than a week and even one-day rentals.

About the Services Offered on Our Luxury Yachts

From a helipad, to a modestly sized pool, slides, state-of-the-art water sports, music and entertainment systems, cinema, jacuzzis and much more are available on these superyachts. Apart from these, you can also add personnel who will serve you personally: masseurs, caregivers, translators and many other personnel can accompany you on your holiday. Contact us about what we can offer for a perfectly planned luxury holiday experience!