About Us

Kairos Yachting

Kairos Yachting, since 2017 from its centre based in Bodrum Turkey, has served to over 1000 foreign and Turkish customers for their yacht charter requests in different regions and styles. We help you out from mass tourism to make your holidays special whether it is an early booking or a last minute yacht charter.

Getting the Best Deals

Why plan with us? Check what we can do for you below…

Offering the best alternatives,
Matching your budget,
Making all the preparations ready
Getting the special items requested on board,
Making all bookings,
Detailed schedule with all activities
Luxury Service for every budget
We try to arrange everything possible for your comfort,
We help you make special activities according to your interests

With our special offer;

⋗ You can find your dream yacht among at least 5 choices with full program details and advises.
⋗ Your booking is secured through rental contract.
⋗ Pre-departure planning will be smooth and not overloaded with irrelevant information that takes your time.
⋗ You have 24/7 support during your cruise.